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Put your trust and faith in God

It is a common belief that good people that believe in God will go to heaven. We as humanity are stepping up in evolution. We are becoming closer to the angels, closer to the other proof of Heaven. Being a good person and believing in God is not what gets a person into heaven. We are here to learn the Creator’s will. As we choose hate it reflects in our lives. As we choose love we receive love. You see man is not the standard of good; God is the standard of good. All of us have sinned and fall short. Every single one of us is guilty and has broken God’s laws. God’s love never fails. His love has no boundaries. Heaven and the angels are right next to us, all around us. All we have to do is ask them for their help.

So if just believing in God and being good does not save me; how am I saved? We can be saved by accepting God’s payment for our sins. The Great Spirit created us and never left us. That sacred power abides within us. So we decide to accept Jesus’ payment for our sins on the cross and in doing so we change our mind about who is in control of or life and desire to become loyal and trusting to God. Jesus takes our sins away and replaces it with his own righteousness. By accepting Jesus payment for your sins and totally committing your life to him you can be saved from the wrath of God. We’re rescued through your sins, and are guaranteed of eternity in Heaven by repenting of our sins, agreeing to and inserting everyone confidence and hope inJesus Christ. The seed of the perfect child of God has been planted in our hearts. The soil that makes it grow are the divine attributes that we choose to emulate. This is something that no person deserves or can earn. This is a gift of God. It can be accepted on the Lords terms or you can turn it down.

Knowing How Much God Loves Us

The love that God have for us is not based on the things that we do right, His love for us does not change when we make mistakes. If we believe in God and believe that Jesus is His Son then we should want to worship Him daily as a show of love, and respect. In spite of our mistakes, God still love us but we are prone to let condemnation get in the way of His love for us. Praying, or talking to God is an awesome privilege! As Christians we should want to spend time each day reading the bible, praying and listening to God. He want us to draw even nearer to Him because He is a forgiving God. Quiet time is a way to allow God to speak to us through whatever method he chooses and is something we should not want to miss. We are always get love of God and He changes not, so there is nothing that we can do that will stop Him from loving us.

If we do not spend time each day in the devotion, giving God the time He deserves, then we’re allowing the bad things of the world to influence us more than Him. The only way to get to know Him is to hear and read His word because it is He speaking directly to us.  We have redemption because of His love. God never changes and never moves away from us. We are the ones that move further away. There is nothing that is too hard for Him to do and His desire is for us to prosper in everything we do that is according to His word. If we say that we truly love God then we should want to spend time reading his word, talking with, and listening to Him daily.

What You Should Know About Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom of God is one of the key components of the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. The Old Testament alludes to God as the Judge of all and the idea that all people will in the long run be judged is a key component of Christian teachings.  The kingdom of God is about moving towards perfection to time everlasting. It is about rebuilding from outcast and subjection, and God abiding in the middle, and among His kin. God is regularly considered as the Supreme Being and essential object of faith. Monotheism is the confidence in the presence of one God or in the unity of Him. He is the maker and sustainer of the universe, while in deism, He is the inventor, however not the sustainer, of the universe. In polytheism, He is the universe itself. He has additionally been considered as being spiritual, an individual being, the wellspring of all ethical commitment, and the “best possible existent”. He is indicated not to exist, while esteemed obscure or mysterious inside the connection of skepticism.

In the most straightforward terms, the Kingdom of God is the guideline of God. The kingdom of God is a fortune that might be found in the desperate state of this world that will offer life to the individuals who need to be a piece of the summit of God’s extreme reason. Consequently, it can be said that wherever the Lord Jesus Christ rules, there you have the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the everlasting union of the Person and Life of God with all that is discovered commendable in the material domain. God is a Spirit and in this manner His Kingdom exists in the profound domain which is right away undetectable to our regular eyes. God composes the laws of His Kingdom on our souls and calls us to stroll in dutifulness to His precepts. God cherishes you more than whatever other living thing. He made you and by doing the accompanying, you are getting to be closer to Him. The kingdom of God is an ever loving and adorable part of our existence.

How Do We Know That God is Exist?

Some people claim that they do not even believe that God exist. When sharing with the non-believer it does not always start with sharing from the Bible. Still one should be able to give some reason to the non-believer for their belief in God. Many – especially young people – are questioning the existence of God. Is He real? These questions are sometimes posed outright, but more often implied in the views which are expressed. Furthermore, peoples’ actions give them away. Evidence from the worldwide flood is indication that God not only exist, but he once judged the world already and the evidence of that is everywhere. God exist because of the fact that the world is here and is full of design in everything from planets to flowers and atoms. The design is evidence there was a designer and a maker. Great scientific minds of both the past and the present have continually believed in the existence of God.

We know that in this universe things just don’t exist forever. This tendency towards decay and disorder is what scientists call the 2nd law of thermodynamics. So if the universe did exist forever, everything would have died out by now, which is obviously not the case. Sceptic scientists generally agree that there was a start to our universe (the “big bang”) but disagree on what happened before that. Science deals with the observable, quantifiable and repeatable, as it tries to discover the facts.  If not God, what caused the universe to come into being? The Teleological argument is the argument from design. In other words, when one sees a watch, one doesn’t think that it came about by means of a series of random accidents, but by design, and thus requires a designer. As far as the existence of God we can offer sound reasons for this belief. To know that something does not exist anywhere you would have to obtain all knowledge of everyplace at all times.

Make your exercise program fit you personally

You Need Your Own Personalized Program to Lose Weight

Everybody needs their own specific selection of exercises on their weight loss quest. The body builder needs to gain muscle weight, and yet lose fat. The marathon runner needs to build endurance. The overweight person needs to find a healthy way to lose weight, and or, look better, to look and feel more fit. It takes different forms and amounts of exercise to achieve these different goals. Every one needs a different exercise program to fit their goals.

You want to lose weight? It’s simple, just use 3500 less calories than you consume, and you will lose one pound. So, eat less, burn more, equals, lose weight. Getting a clear image of your fitness and weight loss goals is an important fist step. What do you really want? Break up your different goals and select individual exercise programs to fit the different parts best. You need to personalize your own exercise program.

Here are the three basic phases of an exercise program.

Phase One: Get Your Heart Rate Inside Certain “Target Zones”

If you’ve been researching exercise programs for weight loss, you have probably also heard of aerobic exercise and know that it is essential to weight loss. Achieving a heart rate of 50 to 85 % of your maximum heart rate puts you in the “Target Zone.” This can be achieved easily by doing aerobics. In this zone, the body is getting enough oxygen to burn fat, and it requires more energy than you have normally in your circular system, so you are at the level where the most fat is burned to get the energy required.

Go to higher heart rate, and your body will grab energy closer to muscles being used by breaking down muscle tissue and not so much more fat. Go to a lower heart rate, and your body doesn’t need to break up fat cells for energy, it gets enough from your blood sugar. That is, unless you continue the milder exercise for a long time, then it runs out of the blood sugar and does burn fat. Which is why you can lose weight just by walking, as long as you do it long enough. But that takes time, hours. So shoot for the 50% to 85% max heart rate.

Phase 2: Kick it up a notch

Because these are individualized exercise programs for weight loss, you can choose when you’re ready to move on to the next phase. People can easily slip into this second phase by adding more time to their exercise programs for weight loss and choosing a plan that incorporates moderate intensity workouts. For example, you can choose to an exercise from the following list and workout 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

Phase 3: Choose an interval training program 30 minutes, 5 times a week.

If you break up your goals when starting exercise programs for weight loss, it will make it easier for you to not feel overwhelmed. Since experts say any activity is a good start, you can be confident that you are doing yourself a great service just by walking more. Get started today!

Knowing Workout Programs To Burn Fat And Build Muscle

Workout programs are what aids us physically burn fat, build muscle, and stay healthy. The word exercise often connotes sweat and hard work. Some of the exercise components are warm up, stretching, cardiovascular training, and muscular training and cool down. Exercise programs are getting additionally popular as people have learned and understood the important of being healthful and fit. Exercises can be divided into aerobic and anaerobic exercises.  Aerobic excercises hinge on you breaking into a sweat as you work at moderate intensity over a period of half to one hour.  The energy used will come from your body fat and the fat burning process will continue a few hours after your workout.  Suitable exercises are jogging, swimming or singles tennis.  Anaerobic exercises on the other hand, allow you to rest in between due to the high amount of elbow grease needed.  For anaerobic exercises, you do not take need to take in as much oxygen. However, you are burning fat, but indirectly. Due to the explosive nature of anaerobic exercises, it builds up your muscles, revving up your metabolic rate and burning fat even after your exercise!

The main types of fat loss exercise programs are: aerobic and muscle building workout routines. Basically workout programs for weight loss are very important as they minimize the effects of menopause and osteoporosis for women. The most important thing is to choose the right program that suits you and plan for it well. The most common aerobic workouts which are done in the program include jogging, hiking, biking, running, and swimming. These exercises are very effective in burning extra fat and increasing endurance level.  From experience, weight resistance training is definitely more effective in weight loss than aerobic exercise. On the other hand, the relationship between weight loss and exercise programs was less for aerobic exercises.

What Bible say about proof of evolution

Since time immemorial, the argument on which theory best explains the origin of life has been contentious. Life and the world around are filled with a lot of mysteries. Despite the fervent search for the truth behind everything, man is still in need of concrete answers. Evolutionary theories are mostly advocated by scientists while believers in God or religion are for creation. The most common adversary of the evolutionist theory is the creationist theory. It is becoming increasingly common in the Christian community today for people to claim that they believe in what the Bible has to say about creation and also believe in the proof of Evolution. In this, it is stipulated that man and other living forms were created by a Higher Being. This is in line with the belief on intelligent design. Living organisms must have been designed and created. Most complex systems of that constitute organisms are irreducible and work in unity in performing basic cell functions. The highly complex world people now see is a result of an intelligently crafted design from a Higher Being.

The universe has millions of forms of life both in the sea and on land. All such organisms are not catered for in explaining the origin of life, at least not satisfactorily. One of the greatest principles of these theories is mutation. However, mutations are not able to enhance information that is stored in cells. Many would also claim that the process of speciation and natural selection have not yet been observed. They even purport that evolving is not easily defined or described. Now as we look around us we can see that animals certainly do evolve to some extent, but always within their kind.  With that said, we can also turn to the Bible and see that God has created animals to “bring forth after their kind” just as Genesis chapter 1 verse 24 states. The most ironic thing about this topic is the fact that the entire reason for the existence of the theory of evolution is an attempt to explain the origin of life without God. However, it must be recognized that the theory of evolution is no where near being proven as fact, and therefore sticking with belief in observable reality should not be looked at as such a bad thing. Proof to the contrary have been already shown.