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Habits That You Should Avoid For Your Fitness Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is the way that you live your life.  Although each of these other elements that we’ve already talked about is very important parts of your lifestyle, they are not everything.

Each decision you make throughout the course of the day plays a role in your fitness.  Unlike the other chapters, this one will be structured a bit different.  Each of these lifestyle considerations is important and each offers a unique spin on the quality of life you will lead.  Improve them, and physical fitness increases.


Smoking, Drinking And Drugs

Each of those three things, smoking, drinking and drugs, is a problem for your health and your ability to make it through the life you have.  You probably already know the risks of what these things can do to your life, but you may not realize the extent at which it takes to improve them.

For example, smoking will eat away at your lungs and will cause cancer.  There are no ifs about it.  It will cause cancer eventually in your lungs.

But, smoking is something that you can stop, even if it is one of the hardest things you will have to do.  To improve your fitness, find a method to stop smoking and do it.  You will find that your health increases, your energy increases, your stress levels DO go down and you can feel better about the life you are living.

When you quit early enough, your body can repair the damage that you have done to your lungs.  This can only happen if you stop soon enough, though.

Drinking and drugs are just as bad.  Each time that you consume too much alcohol that makes you drunk or you take illegal drugs, you destroy your body slowly and methodically.  You kill brain cells, you put your life at risk and you destroy the organs in your body.  Some damage can be fixed through healing over time, others can’t.

To improve your lifestyle and to extend your life, you need to remove these problems from it.  Smoking and drugs are simply a no no.  Drinking alcohol isn’t nearly as bad for you when you drink it in moderation and only when you are drinking low concentrations of alcohol such as in wine rather than in hard liquor or beer.